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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey

About the book: Stephen Covey talks about seven strategies and ways of thinking that will lead you to be more effective as a person. In the beginning, I thought it was just another cheap social strategies book, but it turned out to be very eye-opening and practical. The seven habits are divided into two groups, four personal and three social. The first group can be summarized in the phrase: "Make a promise, keep a promise". The second can be summarized as: "Involve others in the problem and work out the solution together." In essence, the seven habits are only extensions of two principles, integrity and loyalty. Takeaways and Paths of Action: Habit 1: Be proactive. Change the way you speak about your tasks from reactive to proactive. Here are some examples: Reactive: "I have to meet this deadline." Proactive: "I have chosen to be responsible and to deliver the project on time." Reactive: "This happened, now I have to do it.