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Good to Great by Jim Collins

About the book: Good to Great is a fact-based exploration of the best companies that went from mediocre performance to consistently outperforming the market by three times or more. It focuses on the characteristics that differentiate these companies from others in their industry. Jim Collins categorizes his findings into three main ideas: 1. Disciplined people: the right people do not need to be disciplined or motivated, they do not need supervision, and they are even more important than having a vision and/or strategy . 2. Disciplined thought: Strategy cantered around facts and adjusted in a timely manner. 3. Simple,   fact-based , consistent approach to planning and to problem-solving. Buy book, e-book, or audio book . Actionable lessons: 1) (NOT) To-do list: We are all good at making to-do lists and ticking things off. That's one most basic forms of management. But, how much time do you spend doing things that are not in your list? Or how many things th